The third season of The Walking Dead rumbles on, with Collider pointing out that some 11 zombie kills were made during the course of the latest episode, with about 15 casualties on the side of the live ‘uns. It was nothing outstanding in terms of the body count compared to some episodes of the show, and allowed the plot to focus heavily on Andrea and Michonne (played by Laurie Holden and Danai Gurira).

The first surprise of the episode – titled Walk With Me – came when our old friend Merle’s voice was heard off-screen, before it became apparent that he’d aligned himself with that dastardly Governor! Gosh. Andrea and Michonne discover this after seeing a helicopter crash into some trees and heading to check out what’s gone on. It’s there they meet the Governor who takes them to a settlement that looks almost too good to be true – Woodbury. In typical fashion, Andrea seems swept up in this relative utopia among the decay of the wider world, though Michonne is more suspicious, and we’re pretty sure she has good reason to be.

What was interesting about this episode was that the entire hour unfolded in Woodbury; you might remember that the season kicked off back at the prison the previous week, but those characters have been left out this time round, which means only one thing – we now get to wait until the two camps become aware of each other. Then things are going to get really interesting.