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17th October 2016

Fact: Executives at U.S. channel AMC have renewed zombie TV show The Walking Dead for an eighth season before the seventh series has even aired. The show returns on Sunday night (23Oct16) when it will be revealed which core character has been killed off by villain Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

14th March 2016

Fact: Fans of cult TV zombie drama The Walking Dead can now live out their dreams and nightmares by visiting a new Universal Studios Hollywood attraction inspired by the show. The Walking Dead has inspired a signature Halloween Horror Nights maze at the theme park, but now it will be a permanent attraction from this summer (16).

12th February 2016

Quote: "I remember in one of my earliest auditions, the casting director goes, 'Can you do that a little more good-looking next time? Like the blond guy on Lost'. And I was like, 'What the f**k is that?' I... looked up the guy and knew there was no f**king way I was going to get that job. There's no way I could be that good looking." The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus tells Men's Fitness magazine he was stunned by an odd request to act more like Josh Holloway early on in his career.

12th February 2015

Fact: The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun recently joined U.S. talk show host Conan O Brien for a trip to a nude Korean spa in Los Angeles to try out the centre's variety of health and beauty treatments. The pals had to strip naked for a sauna, a cold pool dip, a painful full body scrub and a hot jacuzzi, and filmed their experiences for a Tv segment which aired on Conan on Wednesday night (11Feb15).

4th February 2015

Quote: "It was a roll of the dice, this job. I remember calling up my agent and saying, 'Really? I've been working for 18 years and we're talking about zombies now?'." The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln admits he wasn't keen to sign on for the zombie drama series when he was first offered the role of Rick Grimes.

15th October 2014

Quote: "Andrew Lincoln is definitely my Bff (best friend forever). We'll be doing serious scenes, and I'll lean over and go, 'Love you', under my breath. And he'll lean over and go, 'F**k you'. During one scene last year when he crawled out of the window, I was at the bottom with my pants down, mooning him." Actor Norman Reedus enjoys messing around with his The Walking Dead co-star on set.

25th September 2014

Fact: British musician Tricky has recruited The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus and actress Mizuo Peck for his new music video for Sun Down. The video was directed by Tricky and features the Hollywood stars as fictionalised versions of themselves.

25th March 2014

Fact: An American brewery is preparing to launch a new beer inspired by hit Tv show The Walking Dead, brewed with real brains. The Dock Street Brewery Company, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is to unveil the new drink called Walker, which is made with roasted goat brains and cranberries added to give it a red hue.

7th February 2014

Quote: "I'm learning to play the harmonica... On breaks from shooting, we all sit around and play music. We don't have a band yet, but that's coming, I'm sure." The Walking Dead actress Lauren Cohan is brushing up on her musical skills with the help of her castmates.

14th November 2013

Quote: "I'm trying to get as many people from Love Actually in the zombie apocalypse as I can. I think Hugh (Grant) and Colin (Firth) would be hilarious as a double act in the zombie apocalypse." The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln jokes about recruiting his co-stars from the hit romantic comedy, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year (13), for his popular U.S. drama series.

15th October 2013

Fact: Zombie drama The Walking Dead pulled in its biggest audience to date as the fourth season debuted with a record 16.1 million viewers in the U.S. on Sunday (13Oct13). The third season opened to 12.4 million viewers in March (13).

9th October 2013

Quote: "I've been followed home over half a dozen times. I've had somebody break into my backyard." Success on cult Tv series The Walking Dead has brought actor Norman Reedus unwanted attention from obsessive fans.

9th October 2013

Quote: "As the show progresses, the zombies are decaying more and more. We always do the rotted-away lips because I've done research in terms of cadavers and corpses, and when the skin tightens, it pulls away." The Walking Dead producer and special effects guru Greg Nicotero has done his zombie homework.

16th September 2013

Fact: The producers of cult zombie series The Walking Dead are working on a new spin-off series. The as-yet-untitled show will feature a new cast of characters, all based on the comics created by Robert Kirkman. The Tv drama is expected to premiere on America's Amc network in 2015.

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