Tom Cruise is reportedly working on a musical, a new action film and a 'Tropic Thunder' spin-off.

The 'Top Gun: Maverick' star is said to be teaming up with the blockbuster sequel's producer Christopher McQuarrie - with whom he's collaboration with a lot in the past - on a diverse trio of upcoming projects.

As reported by Deadline, Cruise and McQuarrie are looking at plans for an original song and dance musical planned as a vehicle for the 60-year-old actor, along with a new action film with the potential to develop into a franchise.

Another idea the duo are debating revolves around Grossman, which is the studio executive Cruise cameoed as in 'Tropic Thunder'.

According to the report, it's not clear if the character will get his own standalone film, or if he could instead appear in either of the other projects.

The pair are collaborating on the scripts together, while there are other films in the pipeline.

The pair have been busy working on 'Mission: Impossible 8', and they are also teaming up with director Doug Liman on an untitled film set to shoot in outer space with NASA and SpaceX getting involved.

Universal has signed on as the studio for the project.

Cruise and McQuarrie - who transformed Ethan Hunt's arc for 2011's 'Mission: Impossible = Ghost Protocol' - have worked well together for well over a decade, and the Hollywood star has spoken fondly of the filmmaker in the past.

He previously said: "McQ understood, most definitely, not only that franchise but just a basis of storytelling, and a wide range of storytelling.

"He understands that with structure and tension, with suspense in a structure, you can have comedy, you can have drama, and so that’s where we went...

"I’ve loved my working with McQ - he and I met on 'Valkyrie' - and it’s just been an exceptional experience working with him."