A pair of food truck vendors in Minnesota have been forced to change their company name after Twisted Sister guitarist J.J. French threatened to take legal action against them for trademark infringement.

Wesley Kaake and Cody Allen purchased the food truck, The Twisted Sister House of Hunger, from two sisters back in 2011, however they recently received a cease-and-desist letter from French's legal team, urging them to alter the eatery's name or else face a court battle.

An excerpt of the notice reads, "It is the opinion of our client, with which we concur, that your use of the name Twisted Sister will cause dilution of our client's famous mark and will cause confusion among consumers."

As a result, the pair has now shortened the title of their mobile business to House of Hunger, but the chefs are still shocked by all the drama.

Allen says, "I don't know how somebody can get a 20-foot aluminium box mixed up with an '80s rock band. We never refer to ourselves solely as Twisted Sister. We're in the food industry, not the entertainment industry."