The year's newest animation 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' is proving to be a favorite amongst cinemagoers as it lands at this weekend's No.1 spot on the North American Box Office, ending the reign of the epic sequel '300: Rise Of An Empire.'

Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Mr. Peabody and Sherman in ancient Eygpt

The DreamWorks animation, which was released in theatres on March 7th, is a reboot of the 1960's television cartoon and features a highly intelligent canine and his adopted son on their time-travelling journeys with a modern twist. However, the pair's trip suddenly is cut short when they inadvertently create a time rift, which now must fix this before it is too late.

Watch the trailer for 'Mr. Peadbody & Sherman' here

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'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' hit the No.1 spot by earning $21 million in its second week of release, which has declined quite a large margin since opening weekend, as the animation garnered $32.5 million.

Mr. Peabody
Mr Peabody and Sherman in the highly intelligent canine's time machine

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