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Hi tyra I don't even think you'll see this but if you do I wanted to let you know I'm one of your biggest fan you were my wallpaper for a whole 6 months but I am interested in modeling I'm 13 and I'm 5'10 everyone tells me I should do it but all people want is money I know that because I tried out for Barbizon and Cameo and all they want is money but I love you to death if I got to meet you I would faint ❤️❤️❤️

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by Kailah Bey

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hi tyra i just saw one of your show "should you marry for money". i was a bit taken back at those young girls i couldnt believe what i was hearing. i have a 4 yr old daughter i would never teach her that money is more important... her father and i are going through a divorce,i married for security cuz i dont have a good job an still couldnt be happy he was never around but always gave me anything i want material wise and i grew to love him until i realise that im not happy then things got worse cuz he couldnt touch me at all sexually, so we are going through a divorce.i met someone who dosent have money and happens to be younger than me with no kids or ever been married. i have to say its hard but im working he does too but not much money we dont live together but im finally happy and at peace with my self...he pays attention to me , listens, romantic, great communication,loving, basically the works all he is missing is the money... but thats not a problem for us or me especially, im so in love with him i do believe we will honor our vows when the time is right... we have only been together 2yrs... but we understand that it might not last forever and we wont fall out of love we jus grew deeper into it. what im trying to say is that i love him no matter what and he loves me no matter what, we have a great time with out even having sex, going to fancy restarants, clubs, or any of those things. i mean it would be nice but i have faith in him that one day he will find a better job an if not once we hv each other things will work out. thanks and keep up the good work Tyra...

Posted 13 years 3 months ago by sra0224

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i'm a pro photographer seeking contact info from tyra's people so i canhelp a girl i just shot compete on tyra's antm series.this young woman has everything it would take to be a contender. i've never recommended anyone to something like this, however i think she could win. contactmusic.com now has my email and this comment is my permission for tyra's people to use it.thank you the exception photographyscottsdale, AZ

Posted 13 years 5 months ago by exceptionalatri...

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hi tyra my name is revati and i am one from a twin .you see i see you every weekday helping someboby out and i though that you can help my parents out .you see thre are my sister and i are graduating this year (june 25 and july 08)and my broither alos i am in form5 my sister is in form5 and my brother is in upper six .my mother and father have to buy graduation cloth for us but since it is three of us they have a limited amount of money to spend on us :( so can you send a dress for atlease my sister please she is a 3 4 in pants size please i am begging you!!!!!!!!!!!!! love revati central trinidad

Posted 13 years 5 months ago by revati

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Hi tyraI love your show and I think you are such a nice person and I look up to you.I am 14 years old and I am from Texas.I have been through a lot I ve been raped and i feel like no one cares abot me.i think about suicide what should ido

Posted 14 years 1 week ago by kendrickbetts

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Tyra ...without the wigs and all that makeup you put on your face trust me not pretty at all....Your ugly without all that. Wow and that forehead It looks like Im wearing 3d glasses when you pop up on tv Sorry little girls on this site...anyway you's donlt know any better

Posted 14 years 3 weeks ago by Blanca39

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Hi Tyra! I know you get thousands of comments just like mine, but I have a 13 year old daughter (she'll be 14 in December) and Tyra when I tell you she's pretty, 5'5, size 0-1 in juniors, and has the most fierce runway walk you've ever seen for someone her age. She has 2 agents who cant get her work, all she need is an opportunity! She watches your show (America's Next Top Model) like all of the time which is where she picked up her runway walk tecniques. You're such an inspiration for not only Black women, but all women. She would really like to get a chance to meet you. I really think you can make it happen for her Tyra, I really hope you read this comment. Hope to hear from you soon!Venshelle

Posted 14 years 1 month ago by venshelle

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Tyra I am 13 and I really love your show America's Next Top Model. I really hope to be on it one day but I'm to young right now. I wish you could do something like that for teens like me. I'm not just asking you I really am begging you to think about it. PLEASE TRYA if you do you would be helping so many young girls out. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOU TYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You inspire me to walk talk and be a great future model.

Posted 14 years 5 months ago by Miss.ANTM

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Hey TyraYou are my hero i always watch your shows and one day i wish to go on americas next top model so that i can see you. We have so much in common and i want to tell you a few on one of your shows you said that you always wanted a sister and i have too. you also said that you have a brother and he is older than you well i have a brother and he is younger than me. My mom is a single parent also and she has two kids just like your mother. Some of my friends say that i kind of look like you which i am very honored because you are very pretty. I wish that i will get to meet you one day.

Posted 14 years 9 months ago by Jasmine_J

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Tyra should know that there's a Sheriff's Deputywho would NOT mind taking her out for a cup of coco.He's located in Carson, California, I work in records. We had talk of Ms. Banks and he spoke sure of himself. I told him, "okay, stay tuned" . . . . . . . now, does she even read her comments? ") Well, good luck to Deputy _ _ _ _ _. Oops! almost said his name. Of course, they should be introduced first, though, dating a Sheriff's deputy can be intimidating so if Tyra has no problem ..... while he's still unmarried having no kids. His demographics? respectful.toodles!

Posted 14 years 12 months ago by -Cupidness-

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i think Tyra is a great,sexy woman.whether she's fat or thin she's still the kind, loving and gorgeous Tyra.I dont miss any show on tv that has tyra.she inspires me and she's real

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by sithabisile nleya

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i am a big fan of tyra banks from The Gambia, i love her so much that i would'nt want anything to hurt her. every week days i watch her shows and wont miss anything. i admire her so much that words could not even express my feelings towards her.i wish to see you in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love you!!!!!!!! very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by Yamundow

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allelouiah i finilly got into tyra's comments. ive been looking for a small space were i will tell to tyra that she's my best best star. im 20 and since the age of 11 i knew her already in the "Ebony mag" she was looking for the ideal man. evry day i watch "tyra show" and every tuesdays i watch "american next top model".im in south africa in johanesburg. im a lil black beautiful lady who luv fashion so mch and who takes example in tyras habbits. my friends arent beleiving me when i say that one day i will see this beautiful inspiration whose tyra. i will really luv to see her or even talk on the phone with her. she should know that south africa knows her. please it will be a dream for u to answer me. i know she is busy. please tell her i luv her so much and may God bless her job!!

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by christelle

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Not wishing to bash the dreams of those whom wish to become models,actors and actresses, this planet has enough of those; it's a shallow dream, the problem with today's culture is there lack of vision. Where prey tell are those, whom wish to become Doctors, Scientists, the people who are going to help the future...Instead of appearing on the next X-Factor, I hope that for all the sakes of this and the next generation; they soon realise that this life does not need that many more of those people. My contribution to this planet is not of a great deal, but I am also of the opinion, that it's not the worst. I am not a criminal, a thug, a bad singer in denial, I am not going to save the world from disease; nor am I going to inflict it to my horrible singing. Teachers, Parents, should be encouraging there children to be more than they can be. Not just helping them into a business which, yes at times; I am sure is great, but the pitfalls are potentially very serious! I do not wish to sound like a boring drag, and therefore I am going to stop.p.s is Tyra Banks, the one that was thin, then really weighty, then lost all the weight, then put it back on again. I Have lost track.

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by venomisaliveandwell

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Hey tyra My name is Jerricka and I think u should have a show for teen age kids too 12 to 16 and it is my cousins dream to become a modle and I would love to become one too and we would love for u to do this for every teen out there that wonts to become a model thank u bye and please try to make are dreams happen

Posted 15 years 11 months ago by Shug

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Hi! My name is Arielle, and by the way, I'm 12 I thought it would be cool if you made an America's Next Top Model for younger teens like 13 year olds-15 year olds.~Arielle

Posted 16 years 3 weeks ago by Arielle

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Bravo! Bravo! Tyra for your amazing shows!!This is Lenah from Kenya.Would love to meet you coz you've really inspired me.Girl you are talented!Keep it up!

Posted 16 years 1 month ago by Lenah

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Tyra, I have watched your show all the time, I see so many make overs. I have always wished I could get the scares on my face removed and I have a deep crease on my forehead. I went thru school and I was always made fun of. I do not have the self esteem I wish I had to really go out and not be self concious about my scars, I can't find the right make up, I hate to look in the mirrors. three yrs ago I sold all I had to move n with my mom that passed away within 8 mo. and I went thru a divorce at the same time. I fell in a deep depression, and it is hard for me to even go out to face the world, I feel my life slipping away,and I can't find it within me to even try. And I would love to have a make over. I am a single mom, I have raised my 4 children by myself, I still have 1 at home, he is a blessing to me, he is 16, and sacrifices alot of his time helping me try to get myself to even to get out of bed or off the couch, also I have gained alot of weight from not having a reason to do anything, to add on, I got fired from nursing home, I am a CNA, and it was the only income we had. We live in a low income apt. thanking God that we have a place to stay, we take it one day at a time. I know you have many, many people wanting on your show and I am no better, I really don't expect to get any response, but I just had to write and pray that someday my dream would come true. I got burned when I was 4. 15yrs ago, I started the process of getting my scars removed, but things kept getting n my way to were I finly just gave up. Maybe God will send this up front and touch your heart, and let you know how I truely feel. I don't know if u come to places where I live, but I had a great impulse to write this. something told me if I don't take a chance, I will never know......Thank-you for at least reading this...I pray I will get this makeover and let it be a tremendous change in my life. I am 44yrs old, divorced, and I feel my time fading away, feeling unworthy for an attractive guy that will truely love me. May God Bless You, send with care Janet Hawkins

Posted 16 years 2 months ago by Janet Hawkins

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tyra.loved your show today.about product's that really do work.alway's wondered if they really worked or not.on celluite.i see it does cant wait to run to the store and get some iam 47 and alway's been trying to lose weight for a long time,and been strugling with it.so how it work's for me.love your show girl.keep up the good work.sheri

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by sweetsheri

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I love Tryra, she is real and down to earth compare to the other actress, she always tell it like it is. Keep up the good workk tyra, we love you.

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by jassieca

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I love Tyra soo much.She is such an inspeartion to me and so many other teens.She is a true beauty and definatly a beautiful person in the inside and out.She trys to reach out to young teens that are struggling with their weight to become aneorxic like some of the models today.She tells these girls you don't have to be thin to be pretty.Tyra has helped me overcome that point in my life.Even tho I don't look fat at all ,I would still think I am fat when I looked in the mirror.Now I see that is this worth it?? To put my life in danger?? NO Way!!Tyra also says that she is in the business that feeds the image of supper skinny models and it is her job to try to stop that.I think the media has a impact of young girls wanting to be skinny.Tyra has helped so many different people in so many ways.She is such a angel.Every girls probably wants to meet the wonderful Tyra Banks.She is soo down to earth.I know I do want to meet her someday.I love you Tyra

Posted 16 years 6 months ago by BrittanylovesTy...

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Posted 16 years 11 months ago by KELL

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hi i admire u tyra and i need ur assistance.i need u to help me to shoot a film i cant sponsor it.i wrote dis film to sponsor myself to school in america.i am a boy who was ill at his early years and was taking to d hospital and was injected which led to me using a leg to walk. my mum is late and my dad unemployed,so i need ur assistance thank u

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by abdulaqib

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Dear Tyra,the three of us, my 2 elder daughters were glued on tv everytime we watched ur show.. u've always touched our hearts with ur inspiring topics topics.. Keep up the good work! God Bless! Will u greet my dauther on her 22nd B-day on Sept 15... Her name is Averie Ann Leonardo, Baguio City Philippines.Thanks! Muah!MOMOF3

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by MOMOF3

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Hi Tyra Banks, it's good to know that you did a show on plus size women, i'm one i have tried so many times to loose weight but always gain back more, i need to keep my weight down because of a health issue, but you know what Tyra it cost so much money to eat healthy and that's hard when you don't have a job. see i have been trying to get my house cleaning business off the ground by looking for the right clientiel too service, but i will keep on with this because some one will give me a call. but look girl you keep on being real that's what the people like never be a fake or lie too your t.v. viewers because when they have some one who can relate too them and their problems and some one who wants too help them in one way or another that's makes a world of differance in their lives, so take care and always be thankful for the mother GOD has Blessed you with and your Dad for the good up bringing they instill in you ok bye now hope too hear from you one day. Ms Net

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by The Butler Girl

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Greeting! from the philippines.i really admire you so much. i really want to copy you because you're so so beautiful and cool but i think, im just a 2nd rate trying hard copy-cat.wishing you the best in your career....i really wish to see in personal, but i guess this would just remain to be a wish...fhyne

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by fhyne

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hi tyra u don't no me but i would like to ask u a question my son is MURDA MOOK and i would like to know about him. i am so proud of my son the reason is that he gose to collge and he dose his rapping.mostly he battles. he gose to this show it call FIGHT KLUB it on MTV2.to tell u the thruth i don't care about it but that what he likes. also he plays basketball he is in the top ten at his school. the reason why i am writting u is that i see u do interveiw with people and i wonder if u can take some time out of your busy life and see what i see in him. the whole family is so proud of him.i don't want u to think that i want to come on the show it just to me u might have other story. he just finished going to be with BOWWOW If u don't belive me just ask bowwow i know that u know him. I AM SUCH A PROUD MOTHER. if u have any question u can e-mail. so u don't think that i am a fraurd and that i am MURDA MOOK MOTHER WE CAN COME UP WITH PASSWORD.if u do some research u see his last name is the same sa my e-mail address.

Posted 17 years 4 months ago by melody

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Tyra is fantastic i think your beautiful xxx

Posted 17 years 6 months ago by Tegan Keppel

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Hey Tyra,First of all i would like to say that i admire you a lot!!! You're the one who inspired me to want to get into the modeling business.Even though i'm only 13 i one day would like to become someone as smart and talented as you. May you take care and may god bless you for the lifes you have changed!! Love, Gloria

Posted 17 years 7 months ago by Gloria

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hi tyra love the show top model and your talk show,your mother must be proud. you enable women all across the globe to take control of their lives, always sending out positive messages whilst keeping it real.tyra keep up the good work a lot of blackwomen in the public eye have nothing good to say represent, love you loadsEnglands biggest tyra fan

Posted 17 years 7 months ago by natalie harris-...

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Hi tyra , First let me start off by saying that I am a person who's very inspired by you. I am an overweight woman but know after watching your shows I know that I am beautiful. Thanks for all of your inspiring shows and you talked about sister hood on one of your shows and what is the worst thing a sister can do to you well instead of me being the one that got hurt I hurt them and because of your show I am working up the nerves to call them and tell them I sorry I just hope that that times comes soon so that I don't have to live with the regrets because now they are overweighing my dreams keep making those show that can help us to face our fears because you are helping me to conquer mine thanks tyra

Posted 17 years 7 months ago by raregem

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I just want to know when in the hell this show is going off the air????? I am sick of it being forced down our throats. Terrible, terrible show.

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by looking far

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Hi Tyra, I am having some hard times at this moment. I know there are alot of those in the world. I try to watch your show everyday that I can. I really enjoy the show you are so real and I know that you care alot about others, you are a great person and I feel that anyone that loves their mother as much as I do, are real. I seen a show that caught my eye, it is the one where you dressed up as a big woman, that was an inspiration, you care and now as you know it is a very difficult thing to go through. Well on with my dilima, I am looking into alot of weight loss programs, I have to loose weight, for medical reasons. I have went through testing and EKG and bloodwork, and my family practictionist has even wrote a letter to the insurance co, and the hospital where I was suppose to go. I have been dealing with this since July of 2005, I was hoping to get the sugery before my deductable runs out. Now I have to go to a diffrent place to get this done. This hospital needs $2000 before I can have the sugery. So again I have to wait and now the deductable will be due again which is $500, so now I just want to give up. I know I can't, I have to keep trying and hope for the best. I need help with this, I need to do something, I have picked up more hours at work and also I have my 12 yr old son, and my husband, it takes both incomes to make it, so I'm still trying, but I feel I am not getting anywhere. Thank you so much for letting my talk about this. Give me some feed back if you get some time please. I really don't know what I can do at this point, I am lost and very depressed. Yours truely Jacki Lukacsphone# 330-626-3194address 2964 Work Rd.Ravenna, OH 44266

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by Jacki

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