Another one from the Paranormal Activity-style, found footage genre of horror movie, Devil’s Due tells the story of… well, it’s rather self explanatory, the story of the conception and birth of the Antichrist. Tired as the premise and style might seem, the trailer makes this movie seem acceptable at least. It centers around Zach and Samantha McCall, a happy pair of newlyweds (because of course they have to be newlyweds) at the end of their honeymoon, who discover that Samantha is unexpectedly pregnant, as you do.

Devil's Due Poster
Valentine's Day is a rather ironic due date for the Antichrist.

That’s where the horror element begins to kick in, with strange incidents around the house, shadowy figures prowling the woods surrounding the McCalls’ home, you know the drill. Gradually, all the incidents reveal a pattern, centering around Samantha’s pregnancy and the expectant mother herself begins to behave somewhat strangely, bursting into temper tantrums that she doesn’t remember afterwards and experiencing crippling stomach pains, in what seems like an exaggerated metaphor for pregnancy itself. Naturally, there is an exorcism and plenty of blood involved.

Check out the Devil's Due trailer below.

The film was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin ('V/H/S'), for whom this is a feature-length directorial debut and Tyler Gillett ('Books', 'Funny in Love'). The screenplay is the brainchild of Lindsay Devlin ('In So Many Words') and Zoe Green in her screenwriting debut. The film, which stars Zach Gilford and Allison Miller, seems intended to serve as the obligatory gory alternative for Valentine’s Day and will be released in the UK on February 14. An interesting choice from the marketing team, but who are we to argue with symbolic resonance?