Not content with satirising Nazis or the slave trade, Christoph Waltz has applied his incredible on-screen charisma to a couple of fantastic Saturday Night Live spoofs.

The first (our favourite) sees Bafta-winning Waltz star as Djesus in ‘Djesus Uncrossed’ – a tale of redemption as Jesus (that guy from best-selling book, The Bible) goes on a killing spree having released himself from his cave of doom. The spoof vid features plenty of references to Django, like, “The H is silent,” but also hails back to Tarantino’s other historical movie, Inglorious Bastards, as Brad Pitt’s character gets a makeover.

Waltz' second spoof makes light of the Pope’s recent announcement that he will step down from his post. The video-funny sees Waltz play the pope struggling to deal with his finances in the face of unemployment, and takes a sideways swipe at the financial planning adverts we see so often. Our favourite bid was a deliberately awful testimonial from Waltz followed by the on-screen text: “NO OTHER TESTIMONIALS AVAILABLE." This is followed by Waltz’ Pope enjoying his free time, swimming with whales and playing in a band.

Waltz recently picked up a Bafta for his supporting role of Dr. Schultz in Django Unchained, and deservedly so. Upon picking up the award, his keen sense of wit was apparent as he played on one of the film’s funniest lines in tribute to the film’s writer and director, saying to Tarantino; “you silver-penned devil, you.”