AC DC drummer Phil Rudd was back in court again on Thursday (04Dec14) after he was embroiled in a scuffle with a witness in his pending kill threat case.

On Tuesday (02Dec14), the troubled rocker pleaded not guilty to possessing drugs and making a threat to kill at Tauranga District Court in New Zealand, following his high-profile arrest last month (Nov14).

Two days later, he was in the court after getting into a fight with an unnamed man outside a local cafe.

The restaurant's owner tells ABC News that he witnessed Rudd attempting to punch the much larger man, who in return pushed the musician to the ground. The two reportedly tried to throw punches at each other, but Rudd's bodyguard intervened.

The owner adds that Rudd allegedly called the man a "rat" and after exchanging more words, the man eventually drove away.

Police arrived at the scene after Rudd had left the area.

Rudd was later detained by police and taken to court, where he was accused of breaching his bail conditions by associating with a witness.

The rocker's lawyer, Paul Mabey, assured the judge it was a "chance meeting", and Rudd was again released on bail without facing any further charges.

Rudd is due to stand trial in 2015. He was originally charged with attempting to procure the murder of two men but that was dropped due to lack of evidence.