Troubled Amanda Bynes had to borrow money from an Uber taxi driver so she could buy socks during a bizarre 90-minute drive around Los Angeles on Friday (07Nov14).

Khalil Siyam picked the actress up as she attempted to escape a gang of paparazzi after she was spotted sleeping on a sofa at the Beverly Center mall on Friday morning.

She asked him to take her to a drug store so she could pick up some socks to cover her filthy feet - and then explained she needed a little cash to buy them.

Siyam tells news show Entertainment Tonight, "It seemed like she was really distraught. She was worried about her money situation.

"She wanted to go to, like, a Rite Aid (drug store), so we could pick up some socks because she said her feet were dirty because she had been walking around barefoot for the past two days. I asked her why and she said, 'Well, I haven't had a place to stay, I've been restricted on money...'

"I helped her out a little bit with getting her some socks and she needed her phone charging."

Siyam reveals he got a taste of what life is like for Bynes, when the paparazzi started chasing him as he drove the actress all over L.A.

He adds, "I told the police that I had a celebrity in the car and that they were driving recklessly... and I felt like our lives could potentially be in danger."

Bynes, who was released from a psychiatric hospital at the end of last month (Oct14), has been sleeping on friends' sofas over the past week after accusing her parents of using their conservatorship to withhold money from her so she could not afford to pay for a hotel room.

The Hairspray star spent 17 days in hospital following a series of bizarre events at the beginning of October (14). She later claimed to have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Her parents have been given control of her finances and Bynes alleges they have been restricting her spending to $50 (£31) a day.