What's happened to Amanda Bynes? Where did the cute little round-cheeked girl who played a boy in She's The Man go? She's certainly nowhere to be found in this post-apocalyptic wasteland of an actress' existence where each day of chucking a bong out of a window and branding a new person "ugly" blends into the next.

For those oblivious, the 27 year-old actress has been on a bit of a downward spiral of late - using Twitter as her verbal machine gun, simultaneously destroying her career prospects and her relationships with fellow celebrities.

For anyone who dares to offer the actress a hand or - Heaven preserve them - dare to bait her, they'll be met with an often furious, usually incoherent tirade, with a venomous slamming down of the big fat "ugly" rubber stamp on any mortal - celeb or otherwise - who dares challenge Ms. Bynes.

American Pie actor Jason Biggs is the latest poor guy to come under Bynes' seemingly indiscriminate "Ugly" stamp, in retaliation to his tweet asking her if she'd "had a stroke" to which she blasted back "you're so ugly I won't talk to you" and "good luck getting laid by anything with a vagina."

Biggs joins the ever-growing pile of other "uglies" including N Sync's Lance Bass, Modern Family 's Matt Prokop, Prokop's girlfriend Sarah Hyland, rapper Drake, popstar Miley Cyrus, underwear model Chrissy Teigen, and celebrity doctor, Dr Drew - the latter of which suggested she might want to turn to specialist help.

Bynes occasionally retracts her claws and apologises to those she may have offended - the most notable recently were Drake and Miley Cyrus - and bizarrely still has scores of unconditionally loving fans who'll both console the furious Hairspray actress and lash out at her antoganists, like snakes arranged protectively around the head of Medusa.

The "Ugly" insults could be symptomatic of deeper concerns of the Easy A star: she seems to be extremely image conscious, constantly posting 'selfie' pictures of herself and telling others how less attractive than her they are.

After only having her breasts enlarged this May she had them removed at the beginning of this month (June), according to The Daily Mail. However, she's made plans to go under the knife again to have bone from the bridge of her nose shaved down because she feels self-conscious.

Poor Amanda, she's losing friends, alienating fans, and now even her own parents have an inkling she might be schizophrenic.

We suggest she gets help - fast - before her life and career go up in a puff of marijuana bong smoke.

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