Following her latest stint in a psychiatric facility, Amanda Bynes was released yesterday, October 30th. Bynes spent just two days at the clinic, despite a judge’s ruling that she was to spend a month in treatment. According to TMZ, the troubled actress asked to be released on Thursday, to the dismay of friends and family. She walked out just three days after the judge’s ruling. The whole thing was a bit more formal than it sounds, however. After the ruling, Amanda contested her involuntary psychiatric hold at a hearing at the facility. Such hearing must be held within four days after a judge decides on a mandatory psychiatric hold.

Amanda Bynes
Bynes is on her meds, but she is still considered unstable.

Despite getting a temporary conservatorship, Amanda’s mother Lynn Bynes cannot make decisions about her psychiatric treatment.

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Hours after her release, Bynes was allegedly spotted around Sunset Strip on Thursday evening, sporting a black coat and black sunglasses, apparently in incognito mode. This is where the story gets troubling (well, more troubling). Sources for TMZ say that while Bynes is currently on medication, she is still seriously mentally ill and apparently, should not be roaming the streets alone.

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According to People, Thursday evening saw the actress having dinner at a diner on Sunset, before she went off looking for a hotel to spend the night.