Friends and close affiliates of Amanda Bynes have been the only few to lend a helping hand to the former child star as she continues to arouse suspicion of a mental breakdown, with little or no attention to the situation being paid by her family.

According to a number of these allies, who have spoken to TMZ on the subject, they are perplexed and angered at the fact that her family have been so quiet during the star's downward spiral. One particular friend believes that they have done just about everything they can for Bynes and that any other help lies with her family.

Apparently though, Amanda has made it increasingly difficult for any of her family to contact her by cutting off communication with all of them, her mother, father, brother and sister included. According to a number of sources, her family now have no way of contacting the Easy A actress, although for some friends that isn't good enough as they are demanding that her family do all they can to help her, even if it means break down her front door.

When Amanda's problems seemed to be getting worse, the Bynes clan upped sticks and moved from Texas to California so they could be closer to her, however it seems that they are having the same luck in seeing her now as they did when they were based in Texas.