Amanda Bynes is dangerously close to ending up behind bars. The judge in the Nickelodeon star’s DUI case has had just about enough of her shenanigans, saying that if she breaks the law on the road one more time, it’ll cost her, big time.

According to, Bynes’ lawyer showed up in a Los Angeles court on Thursday (September 20, 2012) to fight the District Attorney’s request to impose $50,000 bail on the actress for her April DUI arrest. The D.A. argued that Amanda had proven she’s a danger on the road (she has two hit-and-runs hanging over her) and wanted the judge to deter her from endangering anybody else. However, the judge perhaps correctly asserted that Amanda’s alleged hit-and-runs occurred before her license was suspended, so decided to give her a break, for now. However, he made it crystal clear that if the actress were to break any further laws of the road, he would impose a huge bail, in order to get her attention.

We would suggest that Amanda probably doesn’t drive for the time being, because, well, her license is suspended. Earlier this week, it was reported how the actress locked herself in a Los Angeles boutique changing room for hours before eventually reappearing. Weird.