As if Amanda Bynes' reputation wasn't already in tatters, TMZ have reported that the 26 year old's parents have moved to California to look after her. Not a great look for an adult but clearly, her parents have acted out of necessity, as Bynes' behaviour has been spiralling out of control of late. Bynes is apparently adamant that she does not need to be placed under a conservatorship, as Britney Spears was, when her behaviour became uncontrollable but still, her parents have decided that they need to be closer to their daughter to lend her support during what is clearly a troublesome time.

Bynes' parents reportedly looked at selling their home in Cedar Park, Texas, in April after the initial Amanda Bynes DUI incident. They couldn't find a buyer so were unable to move immediately. As their daughter's situation worsened - she was involved in more than one hit and run incident, as well as a possible pot-smoking situation - they simply rented their property out and uprooted themselves to Southern California. Sources have told TMZ that her parents have been adamant in the past that Amanda does not have a problem with substance abuse though increasingly, the evidence against her seems to suggest otherwise.

Yesterday, reports emerged that Amanda "barricaded" herself into a clothes boutique changing room for almost 2 hours. When concerned staff tried to find out if she was okay, she simply told them that she needed more time. Eventually, she left in a cab, after making her purchases, with one reporter telling her that it was good that she'd started taking cabs; a sly comment on her recent string of driving offences.