Amy Schumer has deleted an Instagram post mocking the way Nicole Kidman say at the US Open after being accused of “cyberbullying” the actress.

The 42-year-old comic sparked a huge backlash when she shared a snap of ‘Big Little Lies’ star Nicole, 56, at the event on Saturday (10.09.23) in New York.

She implied Nicole looked like a robot by captioning the snap: “This how human sit.”

Before Amy deleted the post, Instagram users slammed her as everything from “mean” to a “bully”.

One told her she was guilty of “mean girl public trolling”, while another posted:

“Are you cyberbullying Oscar and Emmy winner Nicole Kidman right now?”

Another added: “Bringing others down is always a sign of our own internal insecurities anyway, so the critics here should hold a mirror.”

‘Trainwreck’ actress Amy subsequently deleted the post amid backlash.

After Nicole watched Coco Gauff compete against Aryna Sabalenka on Saturday, she congratulated the 19-year-old on her win via Instagram Stories.

She captioned an image of Coco: “Congratulations Coco! Thank you US Open! Great Women’s Final 2023.”

Amy also posted a picture from the sporting event, writing: “Go @cocogauff !!!!”

She and Nicole both wore pink to the match over the weekend, with Schumer sporting a collared shirt and black shorts in the stands with her husband Chris Fischer.