Amy Schumer found it ''really, really hard'' to perform while pregnant.

The 39-year-old star was on a stand-up comedy tour while pregnant with her son Gene, now 14 months, but struggled to get on stage because she was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is severe morning sickness, and ultimately had to cancel the final shows because she was so ill.

She reflected on 'Sunday Today with Willie Geist': ''It was really really hard.''

The 'Trainwreck' star acknowledged most people can't relate to having to perform stand-up comedy while pregnant but she felt the experience of having to work while feeling ''really sick'' is something ''probably every woman can relate''.

She added: ''Going on stage and doing a show like that, even though it's physical and everyone's looking at you, it's still my job.

''If you're a teacher, or a nurse, or anything -- if you are really sick and you're pregnant and you still have to work, no one gives you any leeway. They really don't.''

Amy and her husband Chris Fischer had been undergoing IVF treatment to have a second child, but have opted not to continue because it was so hard on her, and though they have experienced ''a lot of grief'', they are focusing on the positives.

She said: ''We're all feeling a lot of grief but I've had some precious time with my family.''

And even spending months on end at home amid the coronavirus pandemic has been a positive for the family, despite the 'I Feel Pretty' actress admitting she expected it to be ''hard''.

She added: ''Chris and I were talking about it, we haven't been apart for even a night, a dinner, for so long.

''But it is not as hard as I thought it was gonna be. I like staying home a lot. I like also not seeing anyone at all. You know, it's like hmm maybe, I'll live like this forever.''