Amy Schumer has ''no excuse not to help'' in the kitchen.

The 38-year-old actress has recently been refining her culinary skills with the help of her husband, chef Chris Fischer, amid the coronavirus lockdown, and the loved-up couple have even launched their own cooking show during the health crisis.

The comedy star - who appears alongside her husband in 'Amy Schumer Learns to Cook' - shared: ''I really have no information or knowledge.

''I was thinking about this: I went to college, I learned how to make a couple of dishes from my mom, and then I was on the road as a stand-up comic. You're not like, cooking at a hotel in Toledo.''

Prior to shooting the show, Amy knew how to make ''a nice scrambled egg, a nice toast'', as well as a meal of ''skirt steak, creamed spinach, and a baked potato''.

But after learning from her husband, Amy admits she no longer has any excuse not to help him in the kitchen.

Speaking to the 'Today' show, she joked: ''Now I know how to make tons of stuff. It's horrible. I have no excuse not to help.''

Chris, 40 - who has a 12-month-old son called Gene with the actress - praised Amy's cooking skills.

He also hailed his wife's ability to follow instructions in the kitchen.

Chris said: ''She's a great student.

''She really focuses and listens and isn't afraid to mess up. That's an important attribution. You have to roll with anything, that's sort of the point of the show.''

Despite this, Amy admitted she found it strange filming the show without an audience - especially given her history as a stand-up star.

She shared: ''It was really weird. We hope you like it. We don't know if it's good, we hope it is!''