Amy Schumer says getting cooking tips from her husband Chris Fischer is the ''biggest gift ever''.

The 'Trainwreck' star and her professional chef spouse teamed up for her new show 'Amy Schumer Learns to Cook' - which was filmed from their own kitchen amid the coronavirus pandemic - and after the season finale aired on Monday (01.06.20), Amy has said she's thankful for her husband's skills in the kitchen.

Speaking during the final episode, Amy told Chris: ''I didn't really realise that I could make anything. It was a roller-coaster. It was really fun and really rewarding.

''I think I got, like, the biggest gift ever that I got to learn from you. It all just feels possible ... I'm really proud that I know how to make things now.''

Amy's new culinary skills means she can explore new avenues, as she recently said the coronavirus pandemic means she's unlikely to return to stand-up comedy for at least a year.

The 39-year-old actor and comedian - who has 12-month-old son Gene with Chris - admitted she is worried about catching the virus from members of her audience if she returns to stand-up too early.

When asked what she would do if someone sneezed during her set, she said: ''I'll probably stop talking onstage and just leave. Actually, no, I'll throw the mic at the person who sneezed and run out the room scream-crying.''

And the 'I Feel Pretty' star said she's become more cautious about her health since becoming a mother.

She explained: ''I don't want to be back on a set until I'm sure everything is safe. I'm not going to go to the Comedy Cellar for a year at least. It's the biggest risk. If I didn't have a baby, I might be a little more chilled. You care if you die less if you don't. But now, I'm like, I better stay alive, I guess.

''For me, it's all about his safety, his comfort. It used to be (my husband) Chris. Now it goes Gene, then me, then Chris. I'll be running out of the burning house with Gene and be like: 'Are Chris and the dog here?'''