Andrea Mclean announced the end of her second marriage yesterday, claiming that she was "heartbroken" to have to make the decision. The 42 year-old co-host of 'Loose Women' gave a frank interview to UK newspaper The Daily Mirror in which she poured her heart out over the split between herself and builder Steve Toms - who'd married her back in 2009.
Speaking to the newspaper, McLean said "Steve and I had grown apart and we both knew it. We'd tried so many times to make it work, but it was hopeless," going on to reveal that they stayed together over Christmas for her children - McLean is mother to 10 year-old Finlay and five year-old Amy - but broke up soon after. She was quick to deny the parting had anything to do with unfaithfulness on either side, saying "People think I'm Snow White... the most boring person in the world! I've only ever slept with two men and I married them both." She'd previously cheated on Bbc producer Nick Green after a 17 year relationship and subsequent marriage to him with Toms in 2004, dumping Green and moving in with the 'Our House presenter in 2006.
Worrying about how this might affect her children, McLean said "I feel I have let my children down. They don't deserve this. "I just wanted to give them what I had - a happy, loving home with a mum and dad who adored each other. And all I've ever wanted is to be one half of a couple. But now that's all gone. I'm heartbroken."