Andrea Mclean may be known for her lunchtime TV show, Itv's enduring 'Loose Women', but she was indulging in the sort of activity that's perhaps more appropriate for a later time in the day recently as the 42 year-old presenter posed for a photo shoot for Closer Magazine. Looking saucily at the camera, MCLean clearly enjoyed the shoot, draping herself across a chaise longue in one picture and sitting upright at a make up table in another, showing off her curves.
The UK's Mirror newspaper reports that the mother-of-two was more than happy to get her kit off for the shoot, quoting her as saying "I feel a lot more body confident than I did in my 30s." MClean also went on to reflect at why women may feel more comfortable about these sort of photos the older they get, commenting "There's something about hitting your 40s where you think, 'The pressure's off - I'm never going to look like Cindy Crawford, but I'm very happy to look like me.'"
Upon looking at these pictures you'd imagine that many others are happy she looks like her too, not least husband of two years, Steve Toms.