Now in its eighth season, 'The Walking Dead' has become one of the most beloved shows on television. Telling the story of Rick Grimes and a group of survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the series is based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name, but has showrunners that aren't afraid to stray from the original material whenever they deem necessary.

Andrew Lincoln can see himself in the 'Star Wars' universeAndrew Lincoln can see himself in the 'Star Wars' universe

Those changes have often been met with a mixture of criticism and praise; it is true that when you have such a wide-ranging audience made up of millions from across the globe, you cannot please everybody. One thing we all know for certain however is that Rick will, at some point in the series, meet his maker. It's something Kirkman has promised for some time, but not a twist we can see happening any time soon.

Still, that hasn't stopped Andrew Lincoln - the British actor who plays Grimes - from talking about which jobs he would have been interested in if he was never a part of AMC's zombie hit.

Speaking on this week's edition of 'Talking Dead' - the weekly chat show that catches up with cast and crew on 'The Walking Dead' following the broadcast of each new episode - Lincoln was asked by host Chris Hardwick how his life may be going if he was never offered the role of Rick Grimes.

He replied: "I may have been a cheese maker. Or a pig farmer. But Dave Morrissey and I... We used to sort of joke that we were the only actors in British Equity that hadn't been in the 'Harry Potter' franchise, so maybe I would have been wizarding about Hogwarts or Hobbit-ing about Middle Earth, and I always fancied the idea of getting my hands around a lightsaber."

The idea of Lincoln becoming a part of the 'Star Wars' franchise may just be a pipe dream at this point, with all of the series' upcoming episodic adventures laid in place and the ideas for the third spin-off film that will come after Han Solo's story is told likely pinned down, but that doesn't stop us from imagining what could have been.

Still, Lincoln is now a huge part of 'The Walking Dead' and, we'd like to think, one of the biggest reasons the show has been so successful. His portrayal of Rick Grimes - a man who is sometimes a hero, sometimes a villain and often something in-between - has always been spot-on, and his chemistry with his fellow cast members is unrivalled. Though it would have been nice to see him be a part of 'Star Wars', we don't think it would have been as sweet as his portrayal of Rick.

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'The Walking Dead' season 8 continues Sundays in the US on AMC and Mondays in the UK on FOX.