It looks like that's the end of Alexandria as the eighth episode of 'The Walking Dead' - entitled 'Start To Finish' - wraps up the first half of season six and the final adventures of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company for the year.

The Walking DeadMore bloodshed in 'The Walking Dead'

As much as it was such a relief to discover that Glenn (Steven Yeun) had miraculously survived a walker ambush, unfortunately the team found themselves in need of another miracle when the walls of Alexandria became breached with the collapse of the church tower. And after that, things only went from bad to worse. 

Not only do we discover that the determined-to-survive Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) has got herself bitten (it was inevitable, really), but Rick's son Carl (Chandler Riggs) is under attack from his own friend Ron (Austin Abrams) who tries to beat him to death with a shovel. As if they didn't have enough blood-thirsty monsters to contend with! Predictably, the team's kindness towards their Wolf hostage goes unreciprocated when said Wolf manages to escape and abduct Denise - a bit annoying given that her doctor skills rendered her a valuable member of the team.

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Then, just as we're like 'Thank God we still have Glenn though', his sweetheart Maggie (Lauren Cohan) ends up getting in her own sticky situation, trapped on a watchpoint with no trash can in sight to hide under. There is, at least, some comic relief in 'Start To Finish', however. They're running out of ideas on how to give the walkers the slip, so they do a 'Shaun of the Dead' and disguise themselves as zombies. Again. No matter how serious they try to be about it, it never ceases to be amusing.

The next episode of 'The Walking Dead' hits screens on Valentine's Day (February 14th 2016); so let's hope there's some romantic moment like Glenn managing to rescue his pregnant wife. Please!