Ann Curry has dealt graciously with her 'alleged' firing from NBC's Today Show. When the news broke of her early contract cancellation, few people expected her to be there on the Today show sofa the next morning, but there she was, acting for all the world as though nothing had happened. It can't be easy, knowing that network bosses are reportedly blaming you for the ratings drop of one of their flagship programmes but perhaps the $10 million pay-out that she'll be getting on departure may have something to do with the air of calm that Curry has managed to exude since her very public goodbye was reported.
It certainly seems as though that $10 million will be softening the blow for Curry. It's yet to be seen whether or not she will leave the show without a fight; there's been barely a mutter from her, so far but it's expected that she'll take the money and run. Where she'll be running to, of course, is also cause for speculation. It's most likely that she'll return to her roots as a news anchor, most likely to work for a news network such as CNN. New York Post reported yesterday (June 25, 2012) that Cnn are in the market for a personnel revamp and Curry would be the ideal candidate for a place there.
Matt Lauer, Curry's co-host on the Today show has reportedly just signed a $25 million a year deal to remain with Nbc. The show makes the network around $200 million profit, so that $10 million might be a substantial pay-off for Curry but it's small change for one of the biggest networks on US television.