red hot chilli peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis was made to do some cooling down on Friday (June 21) after he was spotted brawling with a security guard outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. The singer and the hired muscle apparently traded blows with each other after Kiedis was refused entry to the building, and the whole thing was caught on tape.

If you head over to TMZ, you can see the footage of Kiedis as he trades blows with the security personelle, neither one of them backing down as the whole scene gets violent very fast. In the footage, the RHCPs frontman approaches the hotel with a female friend and is blocked from entering by the bouncer. As Kiedis tries to get around him, the security guard flings himself at the singer and the fighting begins.

There was some reason behind the crazy scene however, as it turns out the Rolling Stones were staying in the same hotel as Kiedis and were leaving the hotel when he had arrived. Mistaking Kiedis for a crazed fan, the bouncer did what he thought necessary to warn off any potential threat to the veteran rockers. So everything makes sense right, well, not entirely.

It turns out that following the incident no one is willing to take responsibility for the bodyguard, with the hotel vehemently denying he is one of their staff and the band saying that he isn't part of their usual set-up either. Representatives for the band have since admitted that he might have been hired in the city as additional security, but have only suggested that this might be the case as they continue to deny any responsibility.

As for Kiedis, well he's just fine and actually in good spirits despite the attack. When asked for a statement by TMZ, the singer said "I love the Rolling Stones," and didn't even mention the fight. That's what a lifetime of rock 'n' roll excess will do to you though, all of a sudden nothing seems that interesting compared to what you've done in the past... we assume

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Kiedis does love the Rolling Stones

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RHCPs Kiedis
The singer didin't seem too fased after the attack