Anthony Kiedis rejects ''groupies'' from coming to his hotel.

The 54-year-old singer and Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman has admitted he is not into ''the groupie way'' and has giving his security strict instructions not to let any of his fans enter the place he is staying.

Speaking to Musik, he said: ''Groupies, no, they don't get into the hotel. I think the doorman would be fired if he let those people in.

''I have no trouble sending people away in general, because I like my privacy. I think people need to respect everybody's privacy, no matter what the profession, or what the relationship is.

''It's nice to have fans, it's nice to have people of different sexes enjoy the music and the experience, but even when I was first starting this band, the groupie thing didn't really appeal to me because there's something about someone who wants to be with you because of what you do that seems a little less appealing.''

And the 'Californication' hitmaker - who has nine-year-old son Everly with his former partner Heather Christie - has admitted he was more ''attracted'' to women he met before he became a recognised musician because having flings with fans ''doesn't feel right''.

He explained: ''Before we were famous, I think I was more attracted to females in that way, the groupie way, but then the minute we got famous, I was like, this doesn't feel right anymore.''