Win Butler has hinted new Arcade Fire music is in the works.

The Canadian band's frontman posted an eight-second clip of a track on his Instagram Story, which is no longer available to view, but posted on Reddit.

The video of the vocal-less song was captioned, ''sometimes it takes 20 years to write a song''.

It's not known if the material is for the band or another project.

The 'Electric Blue' group haven't released a record since 2017's 'Everything Now'.

The album was met with a backlash from critics and fans, and Will Butler - who completes the lineup with older brother Win and his wife Regine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury and Jeremy Gara - revealed Bruce Springsteen advised them to build a following in Spain to give them an escape when US audiences turned against them.

He said previously: ''Bruce Springsteen actually told us once, 'Just make sure that you can always play shows in Spain.

'''Because there will come a time when people hate you for like a decade and you can just disappear and go play shows in Spain where people love you.

'''And you'll be in Spain, and you can eat delicious food. And then 10 years after people will realize that you're really great and you can go back to America.'''

Regarding the critical response to the record - which Will described as being met with a ''louder opposing chatter'' - the band admitted some fault with the expectations that had been built up for their fifth LP.

Addressing the intricate and drawn-out promotional campaign, the musician added: ''[Reviewers] approached it with more baggage. Baggage that we created, so it was kind of our fault.''

The release came after they cut ties with Maverick Management's Scott Rodger after 13 years working together.