Obama tweeted a link to the site and wrote on Friday (14Aug15), "Due to popular request, here are my vacation playlists. What's your favourite summer song?"

His daytime collection featured Coldplay's Paradise, Shake It Out by Florence + the MAChine, Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones, and Aretha Franklin's Rock Steady.

His evening playlist includes Van Morrison's Moondance, Nothing Even Matters by Lauryn Hill, and Superpower by Beyonce.

Spotify bosses have announced that the White House would be regularly compiling playlists in an effort to connect more with the public.

In a post on the music streaming site's Tumblr page on Friday, they wrote, "Today we are very excited to welcome U.S. President Barack Obama and The White House to Spotify. The White House will be regularly curating playlists based on what the members of the West Wing are listening to.

"Over the years, the White House has continued to grow its social media presences and find new ways to connect with people all over the country through a range of platforms. On Spotify, you can expect to see the White House share playlists created by administration officials, as well as playlists curated around events and issues to engage the public and acquaint them with the people working in the administration."