Captain and Tennille are divorcing! The husband and wife duo who most famously toured with the Beach Boys in the 70s have filed for divorce.

After almost 40 years of marriage (39 to be precise), it seems the couple are in need of a break from one another, or at least that's how Tennille feels as Captain claims he has no idea why his wife filed for divorce! When questioned by TMZ as to why they are splitting up, Captain said "I don't know why she filed. I've got to figure it out for myself first." He also added they were still living in the same house.

Speculation surrounds whether or not they may truly separate. TMZ suggested there may be reasons relating to health insurance, as 71-year-old Captain suffers from Parkinson's disease. There are a number of references to health insurance throughout the divorce papers, which were filed in Arizona on January 16th. 

The couple are most famous, ironically for recording 'Love Will Keep Us Together'. Tennille is probably most famous for being the only 'Beach Girl' as she toured as a keyboardist with the Beach Boys during the 70s.

73-year-old Tennille keeps fans updated via her blog and requested. In a recent update, the writer of the blog (whether it's Tennille or not) requested the press refrain from making puns using the duo's songs (see above - apologies). The update further stated that, despite appearing as "the ideal model for a "rock-solid' married pair," "almost all people naturally evolve over time, and sometimes hidden feelings start to be uncovered."