Ben Whishaw will "accept" the producer's decision if he's not hired for any more James Bond movies.

The 40-year-old actor has portrayed gadget master Q in three films in the franchise and though he adores the role, he can understand why film bosses may want to replace him when Daniel Craig departs the series after the release of 'No Time To Die'.

He said: "I will accept whatever Barbara [Broccoli] decides.

"I would love to do more because it's such a joyous part to play.

"But it might be that it's time for… The franchise has been around a long time and it only survives by renewing itself.

"So I'll accept whatever direction they choose to be going, because it's probably the right one."

The iconic role has been played by a number of stars in the past, but Ben tried not to feel the pressure.

He told Total Film: "I think I've got quite good at blocking out those voices.

"Whenever you do a revival of a play in the theatre, for example, you know that you're going to be watched by an audience of people who've likely seen the play before, sometimes many times.

"So I'm quite good at quickly going, 'I'm not going to think about that.' It has to be your thing. You just have to own it."

Ben has particularly enjoyed working with Daniel as Bond.

He said: "I just feel very relaxed with him. I think he's bloody brilliant and collaborative and creative, and someone I just really like.

"Sometimes it's not about being best buddies or hanging around with each other or even saying very much. But you feel a certain connection and ease."

Although 'No Time To Die' was completed over a year ago, it has had its release date pushed back several times due to the coronavirus pandemic so the actor still hasn't seen the finished film.

He admitted: "I haven't seen it yet! I want to see it on a big screen when cinemas reopen."