British singer Beverley Knight is keen to become a mum after finding true love with her fiance.
The soul star became engaged to her production technician boyfriend James O'Keefe in October (10) and they're planning to wed next summer (12).
Knight, 38, admits that before she met O'Keefe she had no desire to settle down - but now she's thinking about putting her music career on hold to be a mother in the future.
She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "Before James I was happy being single and leaving children to everyone else. Then I met James and I was like, 'Marriage? Children? Maybe!'
"I am conscious that my body clock is ticking, so if it happens it happens. If it were to then I'd strive to be the best mum in the world, even if music took a back seat.
"It's another life and although you can have it all to a certain degree, you need a lot of help. The hardest job on earth is being a parent - what I do is a piece of cake in comparison!"