Beverley Knight is "frustrated" by the effects of the menopause.

The singer, 50, previously had a hysterectomy in 2017 after being diagnosed with uterine fibroids and is now struggling to maintain her quality of life with the menopause but is working with a professional before she considers taking hormone replacement therapy.

She told Hello! magazine: "It's very challenging – the heat, the flushes and the brain fog, which is the worst for me.

"I forgot everyday words, which is so frustrating. Before I consider HRT, I'm working with a functional practitioner, who is helping me to understand what these symptoms are and checking my bloodwork to see where I'm deficient."

Despite her struggles, the West End star remains very "health conscious" and insists that she has never drunk alcohol and maintains her figure with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

She added: "I'm very health-conscious, and one of the simplest things you can do to have that glow is to eat right and eat well. I eat good-quality, natural, unprocessed food. I have never drunk alcohol, but I love sweets, so I do allow myself treats.

"I swim when I can and I do cardio workouts and interval training, as well as weights to keep my bones strong. I'm future-proofing myself."

The star is now gearing up to reprise her role in the musical 'Sister Act', with her love for performing catching the attention of David Bowie, Prince and the late Queen Elizabeth II, in which she starred at the Royal Variety Performance. She then received an MBE from the Queen for her services to music and charity.

Recalling meeting royalty, Knight said: "She asked me how much I loved music and if it took me around the world.

"I have such respect for her service and duty, and my dad was do proud that he had tears in his eyes. I was thrilled."