British soul star Beverley Knight is determined to sing at her upcoming nuptials, despite wedding magazine advisors warning against doing so.
The singer became engaged to her production technician boyfriend James O'Keefe on Halloween (31Oct10) and she's aiming to wed in 2012, once she completes her current work commitments.
But Knight is already sure about one aspect of her big day - she intends to serenade her new husband and their guests at the reception.
She tells U.K. TV host Lorraine Kelly, "Halloween was very special because I got engaged. He's definitely an all round gorgeous man... I'm hoping that it (the wedding) will be 2012 because I've got to get this album done, the tour, and he's got lots of stuff going on himself...
"All the magazines that I've now been buying say, 'Oh no, don't sing, don't sing'. But I can't hear music and not sing... it's got to be done!"