For anyone that has ever seen Beyonce perform live (this is not a dig at her inauguration performance) you'll know full well that it is a thing of exhilarating beauty, both to the eyes and the ears. She knows how to put on a show and if anyone saw that incredible a cappella performance at the Superbowl press conference, Lord knows she can sing. So, for her to hint at an announcement to be made at the show about an upcoming tour makes us even more excited for Sunday's performance.

When asked by a man at the conference, on behalf of his daughter, when she would next be touring, she said: "I would say, soon, and I may have an announcement after the performance and the fans should just stay tuned to see." Aside from using the opportunity to clear up the controversy about whether or not she lip-synced at President Obama's second inauguration, Beyonce remained rather tight lipped in regard to anything else. Particularly about whether her Destiny's Child comrades, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, would be joining her during half time. "I can't really give you any details," she said.

A Destiny's Child performance and a tour announcement made in one night? Well it would be just about a dream come true. Beyonce also spoke about how excited she is for Sunday. When she first arrived at the SuperDome she relished in the experience: "I took my shoes off and I planted my feet into the ground and I just ran." And as to whether she'll be singing live this time around? Most definitely yes. "This is what I was born to do," she said, "This is what I was born for."