Bill Cosby was heckled at his March 27 show in Maryland and the story is already making the rounds. Because this heckler had some pretty uncomfortable things to say to the fallen-from-grace comedian.

Bill Cosby
After the accusations against him became front page news, Cosby returned to the stage this January.

After Cosby said, "I looked around and nobody in my brain spoke up" during the first 15 minutes of his set, Michael M. Cook spoke up, according to City Paper.

And that was only the beginning of what would turn out to be a lengthy rant, during which Cosby barely got a word in edgewise.

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"Thirty-eight women spoke up and called you a rapist," Cook yelled. "Thirty-eight women called you a rapist," he continued as audience members booed at him and told him to "sit down."

"Let's talk about what women call you," an audience member fired back at Cook.

During a brief pause of the comedian's set on stage, Cook said to those around him "they're going to throw me out in a minute" before yelling back at Cosby, "are you going to respond to that?"

At that point Cosby tried to segue back into his actual routine, announcing that he would continue with jokes. Except his heckler wasn’t quite done.

"Tell the one about how to get away with rape," Cook yelled, with a frustrated Cosby replying: “Stop it!”

"I stood up to Bill Cosby tonight because I believe the 38 women who have come forward so far to accuse him of raping them," Crook reportedly said after the show. "I can't speak for those women, but I am determined to stand up with them and tell Mr. Cosby that he cannot simply avoid answering for those crimes."