Before Billie Joe Armstrong entered rehab for substance abuse, he had been sober for a year before falling off the wagon last weekend. The Green Day singer has entered rehab after he lost the plot onstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. If you were thinking it was strange that Armstrong had been carted off to rehab so quickly after just one outburst of what many would simply put down to a rock and roll hissy-fit, then the news that he had actually been sober for twelve months prior to his guitar-smashing rant should put things into perspective a little better.

According to, Billie Joe is “in rehab and his family is by his side.” They spoke to Claudia Suarez Wright, who is the Green Day drummer Tre Cool’s ex-wife. Billie Joe is the godfather of one of her children. She told reporters “He’s my son’s godfather so it’s very hard for kids to see this happen. And it must be very difficult for his wife and family.” Claudia confirmed that the front-man had stayed away from the bottle for a year before slipping off the wagon and put his lapse down to the pressures of the job. “They have a new album coming out and it’s a demanding lifestyle. It’s very difficult.”

Armstrong had been drinking heavily in Las Vegas prior to the iHeartMusic Festival. “When he was in Vegas he was drinking a lot. The night of the show he had been drinking… In Las Vegas there’s a lot of temptation to drink and it’s tough to be around when you’re fighting against it.” Billie Joe’s wife and mother are with him to support him whilst he’s in rehab.