Billie Joe Armstrong has launched a brand new side project called The Longshot, and with it comes their debut EP 'Love Is for Losers'. It's not unfamiliar territory for the Green Day singer, and little else is known about the new band's aesthetic.

Billie Joe Armstrong at BST Hyde ParkBillie Joe Armstrong at BST Hyde Park

As well as the title track, the new release features the songs 'Taxi Driver' and 'Chasing a Ghost', though a release date is yet to be announced. The Longshot made their presence known on social media in February, though they've given away few clues as to what they're all about.

Their Instagram page mainly consists of punk-style sketches, and scribbled over black and white photographs. The first post was a list of song titles including 'The Last Time', 'Taxi Driver', 'Chasing A Ghost' and 'Body Bag'.

The Longshot is certainly not the first side project for Billie Joe. He has also been involved with Pinhead Gunpowder and Foxboro Hot Tubs with his Green Day bandmate Jason White, The Network between 2003 and 2005, Swmrs as a producer, a band called The Boo, and Matt Grocott & The Shrives. 

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He also released an album with Norah Jones in 2013 entitled 'Foreverly' which was a reinterpretation of the 1958 album 'Songs Our Daddy Taught Us' by The Everly Brothers. 

Meanwhile, Green Day dropped their last album 'Revolution Radio' in 2016, featuring the lead single 'Bang Bang'. Though in November, they launched a Best Of compilation entitled 'Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band'. As well as the hits, it featured two new songs including a new version of 'Ordinary World' from 'Revolution Radio' this time featuring country singer Miranda Lambert, and a track entitled 'Back in the USA'.

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Green Day don't have any upcoming scheduled tour dates so there's a good chance The Longshot might hit the road at some point later this year.