Green Day are set to release a greatest hits album.

The rock trio last released a 'best of' record in 2002 when 'International Superhits' hit the shelves, and as they've released a further six studio albums since then, they've decided the time has come for another collection of their top tracks.

The album, entitled 'Greatest Hits: God's Favourite Band' is set to be released on November 17, and will feature the best of the band's chart-topping career to date.

Amongst the hits will also be the brand new track 'Back In The USA', as well as a new duet version of 'Ordinary World' with award-winning country music superstar Miranda Lambert, whom frontman Billie Joe Armstrong previously worked with at the Grammy awards in 2014, when they paid tribute to late Phil Everly of The Everly Brothers.

However, any fans hoping to catch the 'American Idiot' rockers play their greatest hits live might not get the chance to share their favourite clips on social media, as Billie Joe has said he hates seeing an auditorium full of lit up mobile phones and has admitted he wishes fans would stop filming and taking pictures during their concerts and instead have a more ''human'' connection with the band rock band.

He said: ''Social media can be a very miserable place to be. At our shows I see a lot of people holding up cell phones.

''You can look at a screen at home; you can look at your computer or your phone anywhere.

''You can take your picture but let's have eye contact, let's have a human experience right now you can't capture on a cell phone.

''Why would you want to listen to your favourite song going like this [holds arm in air] when you can just hear it right in front of you? I feel like a little more human contact is good.''

The tracklist for 'Greatest Hits: God's Favourite Band' is:

1. '2000 Light Years Away'

2. 'Longview'

3. 'Welcome To Paradise'

4. 'Basket Case'

5. 'When I Come Around'

6. 'She'

7. 'Brain Stew'

8. 'Hitchin' a Ride'

9. 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)'

10. 'Minority'

11. 'Warning'

12. 'American Idiot'

13. 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'

14. 'Holiday'

15. 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'

16. 'Know Your Enemy'

17. '21 Guns'

18. 'Oh Love'

19. 'Bang Bang'

20. 'Still Breathing'

21. 'Ordinary World' (featuring Miranda Lambert)

22. 'Back In The USA'