Bob Geldof hates being alone following the death of his daughter Peaches earlier this year.

The Boomtown Rats frontman was left devastated in April when the 25-year-old star died from a heroin overdose and he now can't stand being in his own company because it gives him time to think about it.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, he said: ''It comes and goes, plane rides don't help, because you're on your own. I travel with my mate, who's my agent, and we play Scrabble, but in between choosing the words, you're left there, with it.

''So usually I try to write or read. Anything. But even then, it will assail you. And it is an assault.''

Peaches' mother Paula Yates - Bob's first wife - died in similar circumstances in 2000 but the singer can't understand why his ''beautiful'' daughter, who left behind her husband Thomas Cohen and their two sons Astala, two, and 17-month-old Phaedra, made such an ''impact'' on the world when she tragically passed away.

He explained: ''Peaches had such an impact, you know. I didn't really understand why... I could understand with Paula, because she'd been a figure on television, and was very different from what was expected of a girl at that time. And didn't give a toss, and was very bright and beautiful.

''Peaches was super-bright, too. Maybe over-bright, and could wind people up the wrong way... I dunno. I got a letter from a New York cab driver who, when he heard the news, had to pull over and go and have a beer to steady himself. You think, 'Why is that?' The people, from 14 up to 28, if you read their letters - there's genuine sorrow. The impact she had on them. The impact of her tiny little life.''