Porn star James Deen is in line to star in the film version of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

Author and screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis - who is best known for his novel 'American Psycho' - believes the actor, who is currently starring alongside Lindsay Lohan in 'The Canyons', is in the running to be cast as leading man Christian Grey in the hotly anticipated adaptation of E L James' erotic novel.

He wrote on twitter: ''Just got information that James Deen is actually in the running to play Christian in 'Fifty Shades of Grey' with E.L. James support. (sic)''

Bret has made no effort to hide the fact he wanted to adapt the franchise, which sold over 40 million copies worldwide, but last month he revealed executives have gone for a safer option to be the screenwriter - an unidentified female author.

And his Hot Gossip on the film - set to be as big as its best-selling predecessor - didn't end there as he made more juicy revelations on the social networking site.

He tweeted: '''Fifty Shades of Grey' will be budgeted at 12-15 million and James Deen is on the list of actors to play Christian Grey according to source.

''Fifty Shades of Grey will definitely be written by a woman and the budget will be below 15 million. Ana will be played by an unknown. (sic)''

James will have to compete against Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and Ian Somerholder for the role as the US hunks are all thought to be contenders for the lucrative role.