Bruce Lee's Game Of Death jumpsuit is set to hit the auction block on Thursday (05Dec13).

The yellow suit, which Lee wore in the 1973 film, is expected to fetch up to $38,700 (Gbp25,800) at the Spink auction house event in Hong Kong, which will mark the 40th anniversary of the martial artist's death.

He died from an allergic reaction to painkillers at the age of 32, before the movie was completed. An unfinished version was released in theatres later that year.

Quentin Tarantino paid homage to Lee by dressing Uma Thurman in a yellow jumpsuit suit in his Kill Bill movies.

The 14-piece auction will also include a pair of nunchaku and a bamboo whip that were also used in the film.

Lee's former student and friend Taky Kimura is the seller of the items.