Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Nathan Fillion has become a road eco-warrior after purchasing a Pulse/SRK Arcimoto electric vehicle.

The actor admits he has always been keen to get behind the wheel of a car of the future and he's confident he's leading the way after snapping up the fuel-efficient three-wheeler from visionary motor man Mark Frohnmayer.

The Arcimoto hit the market last year (12) and Fillion is one of the first people to own one of the tandem two-seat vehicles, which has an estimated range of 40 miles (64 kilometers) to 160 miles (260 kilometers), depending on battery power.

Showing off photos of his new ride during an appearance on U.S. Tv show Conan on Wednesday (12Jun13), Fillion said, "It's (car) addressing a couple of problems; one is the resources - you're not building an enormous car to just drive one person to work... it's electric, which I think is a no-brainer by now; it's skinny; it's a two-seater - you sit like (in) a cockpit, one guy in the back, one guy in the front. It's got two wheels up front, one wheel at back."

And Fillion was so proud of his green motor when he first took it for a drive, he wasn't afraid to let other motorists know: "I was pulling up to everybody I saw and I would say, 'Hey, that's a nice car, what kind of mileage you get?' And whatever they'd say... I would say, 'You're ruining the planet for the rest of us!'"