The Buffy The Vampire Slayer star was arrested on 1 October (15) after a dispute with his girlfriend at a hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York, the fourth time he's been taken into custody in the past 12 months.

His turbulent year also included the breakdown of a five-month marriage and another spell in rehab in June (15), but now he has revealed he is determined to tackle his demons.

"Hello to all my amazingly supportive fans. I'm going to be going into a 90 day treatment program to fix myself and to understand the traumas of my mind," Brendon wrote on his page over the weekend (17-18Oct15).

In an emotional post he later admitted his problems had caused him to attempt suicide, writing, "It's been bad for me the last three years and I've had failed attempts at suicide. I really just want to live and love and be filled with Joy. I'm on the long and arduous path to find such things."

Brendon first went public with his battle with alcohol in 2004 when he announced he had voluntarily entered rehab for alcoholism. He also entered a recovery clinic in 2010 after being arrested on two counts of battery against a police officer and one charge of vandalism.