Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joss Whedon and the cast of perennial ‘90s TV favourite ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ have reunited to mark the 20th anniversary of the legendary show.

Entertainment Weekly gathered the extensive cast together for a photoshoot this week, some images of which came out on Wednesday (March 29th), with an in-depth interview coming soon. Whedon, who has since directed Marvel Universe cinematic blockbusters, described the get-together as “surreal”.

“For the most part, this is like a high school reunion but much worse because they all still look really great. I was hoping some of them would puff out a bit. But that did not take place,” the show’s former director said.

“It's the ultimate metaphor: horrors of adolescence manifesting through these actual monsters. It's the hardest time of life,” Sarah Michelle Gellar, who of course depicted the vampire-ass-kicking Buffy Summers in the show, explained about why the show is still so popular two decades on.

“I'm so incredibly proud of what we all created. Sometimes you need distance to really understand the gravitas of that. I appreciate everything about that job. As an actor, all you ever want to do is leave your mark – you want to do something that affects people.”

Alyson Hannigan, who went on to star in American Pie and ‘How I Met Your Mother’, shared the same sentiments. “It was the role of a lifetime. I met the love of my life [Alexis Denisof, Wesley in the show]. And just to get to go to work every day and have Joss sort of train me – I'll never have a better experience than that.”

To make fans of the original series go wild, it was recently announced that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ will return. Not as a TV show, but as a series of books!

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