Review of Black And White Rainbows Album by Bush

Placed in the post-grunge rock scene, Bush are a British outfit who can legitimately claim to have greater popularity in America than their homeland. Having broken up and reformed, this seventh studio album was an inevitability following frontman Gavin Rossdale's placement as a coach on television show The Voice. The quartet will soon be on the road, with a huge tour of North America running into August.

Bush Black And White Rainbows Album

The guitars that introduce 'Mad Love' are almost sinister sounding, giving no indication of the anthemic chorus that follows. It may not be the most emotive piece of music you hear, but it serves a purpose. 'Peace-s' has a poppier tone, before 'Water' follows the grunge template in an uninspiring fashion, something repeated later in 'Nothing But A Car Chase'. They're just two of the drab moments in a running order akin to a heritage act slotting in new cuts that an audience doesn't want amongst past glories. 'Sky Turns Day Glo' has refreshing optimism, while the heavy riffs of 'All The Worlds Within You' is a demonstration of the sound that brought Bush success stateside. However at 15 tracks and running just under an hour, enjoyment seems fleeting and this would still be the case if the record was cut by a third.