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31st August 2015

Quote: "We're going to step away for a little while. As a band, we've talked about wanting to get off the hamster wheel for a little bit and let the fans miss us for a second... We can take some time off and not feel like we're going to lose it all... We need to step away and make the best music we can. That's the only way it's going to sustain itself." Lady Antebellum star Charles Kelley is convinced the time is right for the trio to take a hiatus, which will begin following a concert in October (15).

8th January 2015

Fact: Lady Antebellum star Charles Kelley had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction before he stepped on the red carpet at Wednesday's (07Jan15) 2015 People's Choice Awards - the country singer split his pants when he got in the car to go to the prizegiving, and showed off the tear to E! News host Guliana Rancic.

26th August 2011

Quote: "When we have kids, we're gonna put them underneath the bus; take out the equipment and literally put them in the bays. Every now and then there might be a speed bump and you might lose one, but that's the risk you take." Lady Antebellum star Charles Kelley won't give up the group's tourbus when the trio becomes parents.

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