Charlie Watts ''hates'' tattoos.

The Rolling Stones rocker was unimpressed when his granddaughter Charlotte Watts had the band's famous lips logo inked onto her arm when she was just 14 years old.

Charlotte said: ''It was the only one that my Mama was ever going to let me get because it's the only one that neither of us could ever regret. Although, she wasn't happy when I chose such an obvious place!

''Pa said one thing, 'What do you want that for?!' He hates tattoos and piercings.''

The 18-year-old model is very ''proud'' of her down-to-earth grandfather and is grateful he leads a more low-key life than bandmate Sir Mick Jagger.

She told HELLO! Fashion Monthly magazine: ''We're really proud of Pa. He's just so humble about it [fame]. He's not all over the place, he's just so damn cool.

''It would probably be a different story if we were being chased all the time. I can't imagine what it must be like for Mick.''

Last month, Charlotte was left devastated when a £32,000 taxidermy wolf -a gift from her grandfather after she underwent surgery on her back - was stolen from her West London home by a group of partygoers, and she is now feeling relieved after her beloved animal, who she has named Frostbite, was handed in to police.

She said: ''I'm just very relieved he's safe and sound. I thought they'd thrown him out the window and went outside expecting to see a crushed wolf. Then I realised they'd taken him. I was so upset.

''It is not something I'd normally receive for Christmas - it was the fact I'd survived something really horrible. And I really love wolves and knew I could never have a pet one, so I got Frostbite.''

The new issue of HELLO! Fashion Monthly is on sale tomorrow (06.10.15).