Chris Hemsworth has warned fans making huge lifestyle changes for New Year won’t be “sustainable”.

The 40-year-old actor and fitness fanatic – who recently launched his Centr exercise app – made the declaration as he urged his fans in an online video to make one “small” change every week in January so they wouldn’t end up feeling overwhelmed by trying to stick to their 2024 resolutions.

He said in an Instagram video: “Happy New Year everyone. As I sit here starting 2024 with my family and friends, it really got me thinking about the ‘New Year, New Me’ mentality that makes the rounds on social media and in the world.

“I have some thoughts. We as a society have to start working on our goals in progression and never in absolutes.

“Flipping a switch in yourself when the calendar changes is never going to be a sustainable way to achieve your goals – its’ just a quick way to get discouraged.

The only way to move forward consistently is to make easy lifestyle changes until they become your new habit – your new routine.”

Detailing his “challenge” to fans, Chris added: “I want to challenge everyone out there who is thinking about their ‘New Year, New Me’ plans to just making one small lifestyle change a week for the month of January.

“For me, it’s with my Centr Plan. I’m going to put more breathwork into my workouts, more meditations, better sleep practices and finally more functional movements into my exercises.

“Doing lifestyle changes in small steps will help all of us live our best life in 2024.

“New Year, new me starts by taking one step forward and I’ll be right there with you all year. Happy New Year’s everyone. Lots of love.”

Chris also captioned his post: “Join me and make #OneSmallChange each week in January to start 2024 with a bang (explosion emoji.)”