Chrissy Teigen regrets not writing her own wedding vows.

The 37-year-old model and her husband John Legend, 44, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on September 16 by returning to their wedding destination of Lake Como, Italy and renewing their vows - which they re-wrote for the occasion - alongside their children Luna, seven, Miles, five, Esti, eight months and three-month-old Wren.

Speaking to E! News, Chrissy said: "We were like, well, we're gonna rewrite them and say them because I have a big hang-up that I didn't write my own vows [at our wedding], because I was so nervous and just insecure and stuff so I didn't.

"So that's been like a big regret of mine. So if anything it was a chance to redo it and be with people we love, and it worked."

The loved up couple arrived to their hotel in a boat, with Luna and Miles running down the dock.

Both Chrissy and John struggled to fight back tears during the renewal ceremony, and she has described the emotional moment as "so beautiful".

She recalled: "I looked over at him, and he was like, his eyes were like, filled with water. It was amazing. It was so beautiful."

While it might have been a poignant moment for the couple, she joked their kids are "still disgusted by us", and don't pay too much attention.

She quipped: "Everything's like, [plugs her ears] la-la-la-la-la.' "

Chrissy recently admitted she was "hesitant" about renewing their wedding vows.

She told PEOPLE: “It was really special.

“Way more emotional than I anticipated, but really so good. And I just feel so lucky and so blessed and in all the corniest of terms. It was so f****** sweet and amazing.”

The pair hardly got a chance to see each other as they celebrated with loved ones.

She said: “On those things, the person that you speak to the least is your husband.

"I'm like, I don't even remember him."

On why she had doubts about doing a renewal, she explained: “I didn't want it to be a vow renewal.

“I come from the world of Real Housewives and a vow renewal is the kiss of death, but I was like, ‘Let's kiss it. Let's do it.’"