Christopher Eccleston has been left feeling ''powerless'' by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The former 'Doctor Who' star admits that the global health crisis has been a ''good lesson in humility'' as it has made him see that he is ''lost without an audience''.

In an interview with The Scotsman newspaper, Christopher said: ''I've felt quite powerless really, and it's driven home to me that I'm basically a song and dance man, you know. That's what I am, a song and dance man. I sing for my supper; I'm lost without an audience. And it's been a good lesson in humility, about what's important.''

Christopher admits that things have been ''particularly difficult'' for his mother, Elsie, who is in lockdown alone, although the pair keep in touch via FaceTime.

He explained: ''She's 87, and isolating alone - my dad passed away eight years ago now - so I think that's particularly difficult.

''But she's of that extraordinary, stoic generation. I got her an iPad a couple of years ago and we use FaceTime to speak twice a day.''

The 45-year-old actor is also overjoyed when he spends time with his children Albert, eight and Esme, six, who he shares with former wife Mischka, but finds it hard to be apart from them.

Christopher said: ''Any time I get with Albert and Esme just lifts me, hugely, because of their age, because of their innocence... they're at a very specific age and just watching them play together.

''Because my kids are so young, during a time like this where emotion is heightened and the sense that we are all living daily with an awareness of this, I miss them more.

''But I have to say they seem untouched by it, you know. I've not seen any mental health issues for them, which is good.''

And 'The A Word' actor believes that he is better off than most during the lockdown.

Christopher said: ''I'm not at the sharp end. I've got a back garden, I've got a big 'house, I've got some savings. It's not touched me like others and there's no way I can deny that.

''And it's certainly made me appreciate the life I had pre lockdown.''